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Welcome to my little corner of the web!  I'm heavily involved in astronomy and photography feel that I can share a bit of knowledge with others on this site.  I have less to offer in my other interests (computers, long distance cycling, RVing, and more), so I have very little about them on these pages.  I may add pages for my other interests as time allows.  (Spare time? HA!)

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Local Light Pollution

Lubbock light pollution thumbnail Discussing Lubbock's light pollution for Lubbock, the blight on the night sky, and the wasted energy it represents.


Rabbit on the MoonAs part of my astronomy outreach programs, I sometimes author articles for web pages, hand outs, and sometimes newsletters.


Aerogel Presentation I am a JPL Ambassador and give presentations on space exploration, astronomy, JPL, and NASA at schools, museums, and clubs.  Click the link to see my current list of topics along with a short description and even a few sample slides.

Messier Lists

M45Messier Objects by constellation, number, and object type, with SEDS photos


reneck_sm.jpg (17482 bytes)My scopes, scope modifications & improvements, simplified scope formulas, and miscellaneous ideas complete (I hope) with photos and diagrams.

Solar Observing

How I made cells to hold Baader solar film and how to observe on the cheap.

About me

I you really must know a bit about me, click the link.